Mon 07 Oct 2019

On Chuck Close and Finding Inspiration. We all know (of) the greatest fear of the writer:  the blank page.  And my blank page was beating the crap out of me the last few days.  Two weeks ago Defining Giulia went out to Beta-readers, and the ball is out of my court.  And while I actually…

Mon 07 Jan 2019

Yes, she smokes. I was at a book fair late 2018, a beautiful spring-bordering-on-summer day.  I put up my banner; I made my table all nice and pretty, put up an umbrella for shade, put some scatter cushions down for comfortable seating, arranged my books in what I hoped was an attractive manner, and got…

Thu 01 Nov 2018

The fear of 400 blank pages. Every creative knows the phrase ‘The fear of the blank page’.  Whether you’re a writer, a painter, a sketch artist, a composer, or anyone of the countless ones I cannot name, you will know how intimidating a blank canvas can be. I know this fear very well—when there is…

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