I’ve always been a visual person, and I loved to draw as a child.  To such an extent, that I went to study fine art after school.  However, fine art turned into graphic design, and graphic design turned into photography.  Photography offered me the gift of making the images I did not quite have the talent to draw.  Below is a small sample of the photos I like to take.

Fine Art

Sometimes, an image just begs to hang on a wall.  Maybe these are portraits, maybe they are fashion, but mostly, I can imagine them framed.  And on a few of these, I don’t even have to imagine.

Fine People

The old guy. The woman in a wheelchair. The fellow photographer. The girl in the headgear. Nothing special... except, everything is special. Its easy to take a good pic of a good subject. But value comes in finding beauty in unusual places.

Fine Fetish

Warning: my fetish gallery contains images of female nudity and depictions of bondage and restraint that is not meant for sensitive viewers.  Proceed with caution.

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