Defining Giulia

A Darker Romance

Coming Soon – The sensational follow-up to Discovering Leigh

With her world torn apart, Leigh McCabe is just trying to adapt to the mundane task of just living life again.  Angry, confused and hurt by events of the recent past, she is wondering if she can love again.  Until eighteen-year-old wannabe-model Giulia Hoffmann enters her life, and gives her an unexpected but welcome counterpoint:  a woman’s touch, and the opportunity to be the dominant partner in a BDSM relationship.  But Giulia also asks a question Leigh does not want to face:  what about the man in her life, the one who carried her through the most traumatic part of her life?   Finding herself in a love triangle for the second time in her life, Leigh needs to choose, and what will the consequences of those choices be?

Giulia herself is lashing out at the world and trying to find her place in it, when she has to face a dilemma: stand on her own two feet without a support system mere months after leaving school, or rehome back to her native Germany.  This a prospect not even worth considering, especially now that Miss McCabe is adding some colour to her life.

However, circumstance removes the option of choosing, and both women have to accept the unpredicted outcome.  A situation that forces Leigh and Giulia to ask what love, lust, commitment, and ‘unconditional’ really means, and how to deal with the surprising answers.

Defining Giulia is a powerful tour de force: a contradictory of blend of imagination and authenticity which takes the reader on a harrowing journey of devotion, love and loss

Defining Giulia is expected 28 May 2020

Warning: Defining Giulia is intended for mature readers only.
The storyline deals with controversial and sensitive
topics that could be triggering to some.

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A Darker Romance

Defining Giulia is a courageous tale of becoming. A visually enchanting story of the gift of what life entails; heart-breaking challenges of discovering young identity, the steely realm of superficial materialism, depth (and shallowness) of character and the lengths they brave, cancerous throes of rotten, stinking revenge, alluring and inflaming passion of attraction, and sensual indulgences of discipline in fetish all enclosed in a couple hundred pages of intrigue that shatter any boundaries of the norm.  But what stands out in neon flashing lights throughout this account of fiction is that this story is the most beautiful depiction of unconditional love, opening eyes on how real love, broken down through all the bull to its purest, most unselfish form, does not in the least discriminate.

This is a story that will widen your horizons if you are valiant enough to confront the darkness of your own demons by adventuring to parts of yourself as well as others that lie beneath the surface of concealed inhibition, that you will unearth when you grab that shovel of interest and just start digging.

Gerry writes with pictorial genius; taking reader with him and his characters through a journey that will penetrate the soul, having one question their moral fiber and judgement, toying masterfully with the entire spectrum of fragile human emotion from licentious desire to tender and tumultuous love, from bottomless grief to infuriating madness, leaving one with fragments of your psyche that will never be the same once you turn that final page.

Read the book.  You will understand.
-Lezzet Abbott, Beta Reader



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“Defining Giulia takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. From love, to fear, to unimaginable sadness.  This book deals with issues that make you question your own taboos and prejudices. It is wonderfully sexy. Well worth the read!”

 – Debbie Boettcher
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