Discovering Leigh

A Dark Romance

If you cannot respect the rules, do not engage with the game.

When photographer Leigh McCabe has a void that needs to be filled, one that she did not even know she had until a chance meeting with Michael Marais.  Because the unassuming IT geek—known as ‘Just Mikey’ to his friends—transforms into ‘Sir Michael’ on Saturday nights when he practices his art of Shibari—Japanese rope bondage—in a nightclub at the dirty end of Johannesburg’s city centre.  Leigh is taken with the Work of Sir Michael, and asks him if he would be her tutor, a proposition which sees Leigh as Sir Michael’s consensual submissive.

In a journey that utilises his unusual talents, Leigh and Mikey engage in a friendship of mutual self-discovery which deepens each other’s understanding of themselves–and each other.

This is a very pleasant arrangement, until Mikey falls in love with his student, and Leigh needs to decide what she desires more:  the mind and heart of Sir Michael, or the exciting relationship with her bad-boy boyfriend, Wayne.  But when this choice is forcibly taken from her, someone will need to clean up the mess.

Raw, authentic, and erotic, Discovering Leigh is the most unusual of love stories that is not just about indulging in your fetishist desires; but about identity, truth, trust, lust, love, and betrayal, and if any of those words mean what Leigh thinks they mean.

Warning: Discovering Leigh is intended for mature readers only.
The storyline deals with controversial and sensitive
topics that could be triggering to some.


Honestly, this is not a book I’d normally read. at all.

But this is not a book you can classify in any type of genre, honestly. It’s such a unique book, that it really is a one of its kind.

Discovering Leigh is definitely a book that I really struggle to put into words. It’s NOT just about BDSM and the laws and theory behind it. It is a book full of emotional conflict, questioning the mold society sets for you, discovering yourself and understanding your world better.

Gerry creates a world where characters are relatable, understandable, and likeable. Not only can I see into the heads of the characters, I can also understand how and why they make the decisions they make. The part I love the most is the fact that his characters are completely human. Their good sides, and bad sides are put on display, and where you usually cringe when you see the flaws of the characters, in this book you love them.

The book is not overly romantic. But it’s a beautiful romance novel. The way you fall in love, the way you start loving someone, the way you lie to yourself and the way you become honest with yourself is really well captured in this book, which makes it so special to me.

As the book progresses, Leigh (obviously) discovers aspects about herself and she becomes comfortable with these new discoveries. You can see how it starts to influence her whole life, how she changes in small ways and eventually, she has to undergo the ultimate test to see if she stays true to herself.

-Monet Smith – Goodreads Review

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“Discovering Leigh is a brilliant read from a debut author. An unputdownable page-turner filled with real, human characters that will keep you on the edge of your seat, pleasantly surprising you almost every page until the very last word.”

– Mia Ziervogel
Editor, Dossier Magazine