From Snapshot to Hotshot

In the world of YouTube and, do we really need another photography manual?  Absolutely.  Because From Snapshot to Hotshot is the only resource which offers a guide to photography in a structured and ordered way from basic principles upwards.  Teaching everything you need to know – and nothing you don’t – From Snapshot to Hotshot is a jargon-free, plain-English guide to photography.

But wait, there’s more!  Not only does this comprehensive guide teach the tech, it also teaches the philosophy behind photography:  how to look, see, and think; how to apply your mind in order to become a better photographer.

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The only photographic guide you will ever need.


Do you know what “reciprocity failure” is?  No?  How about “circles of confusion”?  These are real photographic terms, and things which you absolutely do not need to know in order to be a great photographer.  These are the things that only weight you down, man!  Yet, 90% of photographic manuals will teach you these things that you just don’t need to know.

But it will tell you how aperture, shutter speed and ISO work together in order to create your preferred exposure.

As for recipes?  How to get that shot?  Nope… no recipes here.  This is not a recipe book; this book teaches you how to cook, so you can make up your own dishes, not to follow a formula.


Chapter One – The Basics

This section goes into the real brass-tacks basics of photography.  Do you not even know which end of a camera to look through – this section will get you to understand how a camera works so that you can start making intelligent decisions.

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Chapter Two – Beyond the Basics

If you know how a camera works, now we can start putting it all together and make some more informed choices.

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Chapter Three – Advanced Concepts

In this section we go deep, ad we look at things like colour theory, chromatic aberrations, and copyright, contracts and the law.

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Chapter Four – Philosophy

The most important chapter in the book.  Mastering your equipment only makes you a technical camera operator, not a photographer.  This section is intended to help you think about photography, and how to apply technical knowledge in creative ways.

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All the books, magazines and heap loads of info I have consumed the past year and some, yours was one of the most informative
– Nicolene

You are a legend and thank you for the good work that you do. I think you are making a great difference in people’s lives
– Desmond (Nope, not that Desmond.)

The most valuable photography advice (so far) would be from Gerry Pelser
– Lezzet

Scott Kelby and Gerry Pelser only two guys to go with – Bernyce (Wow, I’m compared to Kelby? Day made!) Thank you for making it so easy to follow and learn. We are blessed to have u teaching us
– Melanie

Your lessons are great, thank you. … I am truly grateful for all you have been sharing in a wonderfully easy to read style
– Desi

I feel like I have learnt so much in two days than I have in ten months. I wish I had of known about [your lessons] when I first purchased my camera. Of all the books I have purchased this is by far the best way of learning. When one writes as if they are talking to you. This is now going to be my Bible
– Victoria

I can also honestly say my photography has improved by leaps and bounds since I started working through the lessons on the site. I would honestly recommend it to anybody. Thank you again Gerry, you make the most complicated aspects of photography easy to understand
– Staci

I have learnt more from Gerry’s site than any other. Something that us dummies can understand.
– Bradley

Gerry’s tutorials are easy to understand and cover almost every topic there is.
– Roger

Seriously use Gerry Pelser’s tips. He is awesome!
– Chantelle

I’ve always said Gerry Pelser is the Oracle of photography
– Riaan (Oracle? I’m good, but I’m not that good!)